WI: Menomonie/Poynette – 08/01/2016 – 08/03/2016

Parking: Menomonie – Motel 6
Rating: 7

Parking: Poynette – Jamieson Park
Rating: 9

It has been really hot this summer, and the mosquitoes have gone through many more breeding cycles than usual, so it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. My partner decided he had enough of the Northland and wanted to make tracks for a while. So, these past two days have been pretty much just watching the world go by my window – there’s Minneapolis – there’s St. Paul – there’s the exit for the Wisconsin Dells – not much fun for me. I picked up a few brochures at a rest stop just to see what the Dells actually looked like and to read about its geological history. I could have had the same experience by printing some images of the Midwest I found on Google and driving I-5 from a few miles north of Olympia to a few miles south over and over with the heater turned all the way up.

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