WA: Round trip to Everett – 04/25/2017 – 04/26/2017

Parking: Best Western – Cascadia Inn
Rating: 10

Sultan, WA
Bringing Baby home

As is our usual luck, the best price we found (by a significant amount) for our new toy was all the way back west – just a few miles from where we used to live on the opposite end of Hwy 2 from where we were. So, it was road trip time. The trip over to Everett was uneventful, but the return trip was not much fun. Since this was the first time we had ever had heavy equipment on the truck, we kept it slow. The deer were doing their migration thing, so we literally saw over 500 of them (about 10% of them actually on the road in front of us). I was certain we were going to end up hitting one especially since we didn’t get back to base until it was well after dark.

Not many people are able to take their truck camper off their truck and then haul a 8000 lb excavator on it! Though I don’t know that we’ll be hauling her around much – loading and unloading it without a ramp is a nail-biting experience, but at least she is home safe and sound, and she will make the rest of our driveway clearing a breeze (not to mention awesome fun).