WA: Monroe – 03/17/2017 – 03/20/2017

Parking: Evergreen State Fairgrounds
Rating: 5

Before heading out to Eastern Washington, we had a few more errands to do, so once again, we stayed in Monroe.

It is very bizarre being so close to our former home. One of our tasks took up about a block from the house. I wanted to stop by and have one last look at it, but I also didn’t want to be weird and creepy. Maybe if we had been in a less conspicuous vehicle, we would have done a drive-by, but since the whole neighborhood knows the rig and it’s impossible to be subtle, we ended up not going by.

The other sad part of our stay was the our favorite waiter (Billy at the Wallace Falls Cafe) had moved on to Seattle. I guess you can’t go Home again.