WA: Monroe – 02/11/2017 – 02/17/2017

Parking: Evergreen State Fairgrounds
Rating: 5

The Monroe Fairground is like our “home” park because it is very close to our former house, so it’s the area with which we are most familiar, but that does not mean it’s a great place to stay. It is next door to a fiberglass boat builder which absolutely reeks. The spots nearest to the factory are also the ones nearest to the bathroom, so there are always a bunch of people parked there. I have no idea how they can breathe those fumes for days without getting sick; we park on the opposite side as far away as possible. This time staying here was worse than usual because they had the water to the sites turned off for winter but were still charging full price (which is expensive by fairground standards).

We got our medical needs handled, picked up our mail, and ran some errands.