GA: Down I-75 – 09/21/2016 – 09/24/2016

Parking: Allatoona, GA
Parking: Econolodge
Rating: 8

Perry, GA
Parking: Rodeway Inn
Rating: 6

Near the TN/GA border

We decided that it was time to visit my partner’s family in South Georgia, so we headed south.

It was a bit of a climb for the RV going over the mountains – the last mountains we’ll probably see for quite a while, but it was a very pretty drive. After having been stationary for a while, we were itching to be moving, so unfortunately we did not spend any time in Chattanooga or Atlanta – both of these cities have changed quite a bit since I was last there. Chattanooga is a good-sized city now, and Atlanta is all pavement. Passing through Marietta (where I grew up) on I-75, I recognized almost nothing except the Big Chicken. The interstate was being widened again, and it looks like it will be ten lanes just north of I-285 when finished. Seattleites would have heart failure with the concept of such a wide interstate. There was still kudzu on vacant areas along the highway, but there just weren’t many vacant areas.