NM: Caballo Lake – 01/27/2017 – 02/03/2017

Parking: Caballo Lake State Park
Rating: 9

Caballo Lake, NM
Caballo Lake

Although I am not a particular fan of the high desert (I prefer trees, and the altitude gives me headaches), New Mexico is still a nice place to visit for the quiet and solitude. The clear, crisp, dark night sky alone is worth the visit.

This park had both hook-ups and primitive camping with a great section for folk with horses. Unfortunately, the lake level has been low for years – something the park system doesn’t really advertise, but there was plenty of room for some nice long walks. The nearby “village” – though clearly occupied – was strangely devoid of human life during our walks both during the day and in the evening. It reminded us of the creepy emptiness of Sprague or Diablo. On the plus side, that meant that we didn’t get chased by any off-leash dogs.

Caballo Lake, NM
Caballo Lake, NM
Horse Camp