ND: Linton (Lake Oahe) – 07/05/2016 – 07/07/2016

Linton, SD

Parking: Beaver Creek Campgrounds
Rating: 9

We headed up to ND to a campground where we hoped we get some sailing in, but with the weather up, the shallow little boat ramp at this park was a little too risky to try.

Overnight, we had crazy thunderstorms again – we stayed glued to the TV weather broadcast to track their progress, and fortunately, the worst weather missed us. The storms in the Northland are amazing – it can go from a prediction of a clear, 5-10 mph wind night at bed-time to a full blown severe thunderstorm warning a few hours later with high winds (70 mph), hail (2-3″), tornadoes, and flash flooding. The weather reporting is different here from Western Washington; they have many more views of the weather – like 3D radar to show the height of the thunderstorms and colored wind direction maps that easily show potential tornadoes.

Linton, SD

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