ND: Fargo – 07/29/2016 – 08/01/2016

Parking: WoodSpring Suites
Rating: 10

To give the Isuzu a chance to break-in its repairs a little more, we decided to head back to Fargo (just in case something happened, we’d be near the shop). We needed some internet access and to do a month’s worth of laundry, so we decided to stay at a hotel. The WoodSpring is an extended stay hotel, so it does not have a lot of amenities that a “regular” hotel would (no pool, breakfast, or facilities for children), but it’s new, clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced, and the laundry room is huge.

We had a chance to catch up on some TV, do some research on our next locations, and to update this blog.

As much as it seems the whole country is homogenized these days, there are still little differences that sneak up on you as you travel. Brand names for the same items change (Best Foods/Hellman’s, Carl’s Jr/Hardees, etc.). Butter has gone from short, fat sticks to long, skinny ones. The grocery store no longer carries Tillimook or Franz products (especially missed is the huckleberry yogurt). I am a little saddened by the changes. But then, the billboards start showing me things that I haven’t seen for twenty years – Steak ‘n’ Shake, Fuddruckers, Piggly Wiggly. And then there’s White Castle which is enough like Krystal to gladden my heart and stomach (note to White Castle – put some mustard on those things, and they’d be perfect). Also, there is the grocery store Aldi which I have shopped in Ireland, but I had had no idea they had become so widespread in the US (except the northwestern part of the country). When strip mall after strip mall (anchored by the now ubiquitous Walmart) look nearly identical across the country, it’s nice to see at least a few regional differences.

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