ND: Devils Lake – 07/14/2016 – 07/19/2016

Devils Lake, ND

Parking: Spirit Lake Casino and Resort
Rating: 8

After missing sailing in WY and SD, we were starting to think we wouldn’t sail in ND either, so to make sure we had a usable boat launch, we went to a casino resort that also had transient docks.

We put the boat in the water shortly after arriving even though we knew another storm was coming. SLCR has an excellent marina where there is a good breakwater to protect the boats and the docks are floating, so there is less risk of a gunwale getting caught under – plus we put out a lot of fenders and tied her well. There were some issues with other boats; we requested the marina contact the owners of two boats – one had broken its bow line and the other had had its PWC turtle.

We stayed a couple days longer than we had originally planned to get a nice perfect sailing day. It was clear with winds high enough to get us to top speed, and we had the lake pretty much to ourselves.

My partner won $11 at the casino (I didn’t feel like playing this time), so that paid for one of the days of docking.

Devils Lake, ND

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