KY: Grand Rivers (Land Between the Lakes) – 08/24/2016 – 09/06/2016

Parking: Canal Campground
Rating: 8

Grand Rivers, KY

We needed a place to ride out the Labor Day Weekend, and we were able to snag a walk-in space at the Land Between the Lakes. We ended up moving to a more private site when one freed up, but this has been the most crowded Army Corp of Engineer site we’ve visited.

The town of Grand Rivers allows the user of golf carts in and around the town, so apparently everyone in the state of Kentucky that owns a golf cart vacations here. Folk like to just drive around and around the park in them. I don’t particularly understand because they aren’t very fast, they don’t go off-road, and there is no exercise when using them, but I am clearly in the minority in my thinking. Some folk even dress their golf cart up with flags, banners, and lights (Wildcat blue, of course). When they’d all start parading around, it reminded me (boy, am I dating myself here) of the end of the Banana Splits when the characters all ran around in their little cars. Every time one of them passed me, I started singing “One banana, two banana, three banana, four.”

We didn’t do a whole lot except ride bikes and walk around because Legion (the World of Warcraft expansion) came out, and we were just able to play (a little laggy sometimes, but not too many deaths because of it). I have to say that Blizzard does a great job with their data bandwidth because we were using a hot-spot (i.e., expensive data), and even with the two of us playing we easily stayed within our data allotment and still got both our druids and our hunters to max level. Holidays at RV parks are crazy, so it’s really best to be able to tuck-in and do something inside until everyone else leaves. Besides, the boat ramp was a little too steep and busy for us (plus there was no moorage); poor Eidolon had to sit and look at the water while staying dry.

Got to catch a few fireflies (no mayonnaise jar – strictly catch and release); they smelled exactly how I remembered.

Grand Rivers, KY

Grand Rivers, KY

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