GA: Cordele (Lake Blackshear) – 12/08/2016 – 12/14/2016

Parking: Georgia Veterans Memorial Park
Rating: 10

St. Augustine was the farthest east we planned on going this trip, so it was time to head back west. We wanted to see my in-laws one more time since they are more-or-less on the way.

This was the first time we have stayed at a place twice. This time around, they had lowered the level of the lake about four feet to allow folk to do dock repairs. That was simply too low for us to be able to launch the sailboat, but we did do some puttering around in the Porta-bote. The squirrels were not hibernating, and they were everywhere.

We got to spend some quality time with the family. My MIL is great about playing board games with us, and we had a most excellent time. We also got to see some family that we hadn’t the first time through, so that was a nice plus. Everyone had their places decked out for the holidays, and once again we were well-fed.