FL: Bunnell (Dead Lake/Crescent Lake) – 11/23/2016 – 12/04/2016

Parking: Bull Creek Campground
Rating: 9

Bull Creek Campground

Can you make a turkey in an RV oven? Yes, you can! The trick is to cut it into leg quarters, wings, and breasts and roast it in two batches. The bigger trick is getting the turkey, the green bean casserole (yes, I know that’s cliche), stuffing, and rolls all done at the same time.

With Thanksgiving, all of the state/national parks were, of course, booked months ago, but once again, a regional park came to our rescue. This little park had about five or six other RVs for the holiday weekend, and then only one other RV (but no occupants – weird) the rest of the time. Nice and fairly quiet. It has canals that go to each site, and we kept the Porta-bote there, with the sailboat in the marina. The marina had a surprising number of sailboats there, but they were some very sad boats that looked like they got a little beat up during the hurricane, and no one came out to protect them.

The sailing was probably the best fresh water trips we have ever done. Dead Lake is a tiny lake that empties into Crescent Lake which is fairly large. Each day we went out, we put the sails up about 20 seconds after motoring away from the marina and sailed through to Crescent City. On one return trip, there was a little squall, and Eidolon sustained speeds in excess of 6 knots over ground (against the current) – that’s about 10% over her maximum hull speed. It was SWEET! The channel between Dead Lake and Crescent Lake is fairly narrow, so we usually had to tack a lot one way while floating on a run the opposite way (see the GPS track below).

One unpleasant thing about this part of Florida – the water. We didn’t realize it at the time because we arrived with full tanks. When we refilled the tanks, it coincided with a new bag of coffee, so we blamed the beans. I drink normally drink coffee black, so good taste is important to me, but even dumping sugar and eggnog into it did not make it drinkable. If you’re ever in this part of Florida, do yourself a favor and use bottled water.

Crescent City
Restaurant Marina
Crescent City