GA: Bainbridge (Lake Seminole) – 10/07/2016 – 10/09/2016

Parking: River Junction Campground
Rating: 9

River Junction Park

While we staying at Lake Blackshear, Hurricane Matthew was approaching the Florida Atlantic coast. The relatively empty park became packed overnight as snowbirds fled the Florida coast. The family was concerned for us because we had made no plans beyond our current stay (so far, we’ve only made advance plans once in the whole journey), but we figured that with a state of emergency being declared in Florida, we’d find someplace to park even if it was just in a parking lot or on the side of the road. Fortunately, while driving down, we found this nice little Army Corps site on the lake at the border, and it had plenty of space to wait for the chaos of the storm’s refugees in the Panhandle to die down.

GA: Cordele (Lake Blackshear) – 09/24/2016 – 10/07/2016

Parking: Georgia Veterans Memorial Park
Rating: 10

Georgia Veterans Memorial Park

My partner’s family lives in Americus, but this was the closest available RV parking. It’s a lovely park with the ability to beach the boat right at the campsite like in TN, so we were happy with that. The only problem is that our rudder is too long for the drop-off angle, so we’re finally going to have to order a kick-up rudder. Oh, and for some insane reason, they have low power lines over the boat ramps which meant raising/lowering the mast while on the water.

My in-laws are really sweet people, and they graciously took us on a tour of all the family. I haven’t seen most folk in twenty years or more, but everyone was very welcoming, and they all cook amazing country food. We did a lot of catching up and had some time with various folk to play board games, go sailing, and sit around the campfire. It was great to trade stories with everyone and see how much all my nieces/nephews have grown. My mother-in-law is a fountain of knowledge about the doings of the family, so we got a great update on everyone. She is such a wonderful, hard-working lady, and I am constantly surprised at how much energy she has.

My partner drove his parents’ car while we were there, and the very first night, he hit a deer – or rather, the deer hit the car. Fortunately, the car and the deer were fine, but that certainly made me extra careful when motorcycling those highways, but I did take a spill when my tire got caught in a sand trap on a driveway. I am not used to loose sand being used on driving surfaces. Fortunately, only my dignity was injured.

Georgia Veterans Memorial Park
Lake Blackshear
Georgia Veterans Memorial Park
Small swamp
Georgia Veterans Memorial Park